May 19, 2011

Dressing Your Age?!?

Jones New York Twin Set-Yard Sale [$1]
Apostrophe (Sears) Belt [$2.39]
Banana Republic Pants-Plato's Closet
Nine West Sandals-Nine West Outlet
George (Walmart) Sweater
NY&CO 7th Avenue Pants [$23.40]
Gladiator Sandals-Ross [$9.99]

How many times have you had discussions with your mothers, aunts, or girlfriends about dressing your age? Did it begin in middle school or high school when you wanted to look older or maybe after college when you were still trying to look young? What does it really mean to “dress your age”? For me personally, it means to dress like a mother, a professional, a well put together, I feel good about myself ALL the time, confident, keeping it sexy, young woman. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of women my age (25-35) are still caught up in shopping in the juniors section. I’m not saying never buy another juniors items, but really after 25, your entire wardrobe should NOT consist primarily of juniors.

My Transition from Juniors to Misses

Up until about 25, I was a 3/4- 5/6, even after Camden, I was around a 9/10. I really had no other choice but to shop in the juniors section because misses clothes just didn’t fit quite right. Extra smalls were too little and smalls were baggy in the wrong places. I worked as a server/bartender through college and wore the same outfit to work every day so my mindset about clothes was to purchase outfits for occasions; homecoming, road trips, girl’s night, date night, etc. My budget was also much different through college. I used my student refund check to pay my rent up for several months and I always had extra cash in my pocket (one of the many perks I miss about waiting tables).

When I started working at UNCG full-time, I had just turned 26 and was one of the youngest people in my office. I soon realized that I had to step my style game up if I wanted to earn the respect of my colleagues and keep their respect with my hard work. My mindset about clothes began to shift from outfits to individual pieces. If I just had 5 pairs of pants, I could switch up my tops to make it seem like I had a lot more clothes in my wardrobe than I actually did. As my lifestyle changed; I was sitting at a desk M-F, 8-5 pm, in graduate school at night and in a new relationship, so did my weight, dramatically. Before I knew it I was an 11/12 and before going up to a 13/14 or 15/16, I made the decision to no longer shop in the junior’s section because a size 8/10 or S/M in women’s made me feel better about my size, Simple As That. My budget for clothes also decreased, without a refund check, I had to learn to pay rent, a car payment, and everything else with my once a month paycheck (no more tip money).

Other Reasons to Shop Misses

  • Quality, Quality, Quality – I have a mortgage, a car payment, and a son that will NOT stop growing, so I don’t have the money or the time to replace items every season, every year. It’s important to have quality wardrobe essentials. Misses clothes cost more, but they last longer.

  • Size and Fit – I work with undergraduate students and administrators at UNCG every day. I hardly ever have to worry about appropriate skirt length or my neckline being too low with misses.
Showcase Your Personal Style!

Dressing your age doesn’t have to be boring and old. I love earrings, shoes, and scarves because they offer endless possibilities for changing up an outfit. In the first picture I took a simple sweater twinset and added a belt and accessories to make it my own. I’m wearing heels to work, but could switch them out for flats to go to an afterschool program with Camden. In the second picture, I added a cute flat sandal to a simple sweater and khaki pants to make it young and fresh.

If you are a recent college graduate, fast approaching 30, or over 30 and still stuck in the juniors section, I challenge you to go to the misses section the next time you are out shopping. Take some time to try on a couple of things, a blouse, pants, and a dress. Look at the seams, the stitching, even the materials.  Compare the items to your favorite juniors item. Still not convinced? Well, keep following IMPR(4L)ess for inspiration.

With Love,

Demetrice, Style Coach (Thanks Bill and Kevin!)

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