What: For an entire year, I commit to spending only $50 a month on clothing, shoes, and accessories. I can shop consignment, retail, and thrift stores. I will post monthly updates of what I purchase for $50 along with outfit posts throughout the year.

Why: I love to shop! And I’ve really enjoyed blogging about my personal style and thrift shopping these past couple of years. But I will admit that there are times that I do go overboard and don’t really track my spending. Now it’s time to get serious about my spending habits when it comes to “retail therapy”. I also want to show that anyone can build a wardrobe of quality essentials and still be trendy on any budget.

When: January, 2012 to December, 2012

UPDATE-May 1, 2012
Spending $50 a month was officially suspended. I was not as disciplined as I hoped to be with staying under budget. Instead, I am committing to tracking my spending for the remainder of the year.

I am nervous and excited about beginning this challenge. I had to give it a test run before I fully committed, but I think I'm ready. So, let's go . . .