April 5, 2012

March Retail Rehab

Ann Taylor Denim Jacket
Goodwill - 4.80

My FAVORITE find for March is this denim jacket. I almost put it back because I really want a dark denim jacket, but I am so glad that I didn't because the few times that I've worn it I've received a bunch of compliments.

 Arden B Dress
Plato's Closet - 4.50

My 2nd FAVORITE find for March is this summer dress. Too bad it is too cold in my office to wear dresses or skirts. But this dress is perfect for a spring/summer date with some cute flat sandals.

Of course I made more than a few visits to several Triad Goodwill locations during March. In addition to joining a sorority, I'm also working on a bedroom makeover (post coming soon) and it seemed like every time I was just supposed to be in housewares I ended up in clothing. 

And I know what you're thinking, who buys a wool coat in the middle of spring? I sure did! People (including myself) are spring cleaning and packing away their winter gear, so now is one of the best times to shop for coats and sweaters.

On my search for the perfect headboard I ended up in Salvation Army. I normally don't shop at Salvation Army because they close early during the week at 5 pm when I'm just getting off work. And everyone knows that thrift shopping on the weekend can get a little crazy. I didn't find a headboard, but I did find the cutest pleated skirt and finally a navy blazer. I was also surprised at the pricing.

 Navy Blazer
Salvation Army - 2.70
Spring Green Blouse
Goodwill - 3.37

 DKNY Leopard Blouse
Belk - 10.66

This shirt is my final, absolute final winter clearance purchase. But I'm sure I can work it into my spring wardrobe with the right pants or skirt.

Once again, I went over budget!! This really has me rethinking if the $50 Dollar a Month Retail Rehab challenge is really a realistic goal for me. More than anything the past few months have been a reality check. I've been thinking about all the things that I could be doing instead of shopping and all the other places in my budget that could have used the money that I went over. I've cut my spending tremendously now that I'm thrift shopping instead of shopping retail, but I have got to do better. Yesterday I said that I was going to suspend all clothes and shoes shopping until the end of the month. But then I remembered that First Friday Downtown Greensboro is this weekend and the Indie Market is calling my name. The challenge truly continues . . .

Express Dress      
Express Blue Shorts      
Brown Apostrophe Pumps      
Summer T-shirt      
Express Striped T-shirt      
Liz Claiborne Earrings      
NY&CO Blouse      
Red Glo Jeans Pumps      
Ann Taylor Denim Jacket      
Madison Studio Shirt      
Navy Blazer      
Royal Blue Skirt      
Spring Green Blouse      
DKNY Leopard Blouse      
NY&CO Dress      
Old Navy Coat  
TOTAL $70.88   


  1. Love your Blog!!!! LOve that Arden Dress too!!!You have given me a ton of ideas!!!http://fourfourtynine.wordpress.com