April 4, 2012

February Retail Rehab

 My FAVORITE February Find!! I can't wait to wear this skirt Easter Sunday!

 I don't know where I'm going to wear this cute little dress but it was a steal a $4.80 compared to Express sequined skirts starting at $59.90. I'm thinking about cutting off the top half of the dress and wearing it as a skirt.

My Navy-striped sweater February Find has been in heavy rotation already!

Here's what I learned during February's Retail Rehab $50 a Month Challenge:
I am an emotional shopper. I am not proud of it, but the fact that I finally said it aloud will hopefully push me to making some serious changes in my spending habits. My personal life was a little crazy at the beginning of the year, so what did I do . . .shop. Even after I had used the $50 in my budget I did the unthinkable and charged items for the rest of the month. Was I shocked at how much I spent? Absolutely
Will I try to do better the rest of the year? Absolutely

Merona Cardigan      
Calvin Klein Dress      
Navy Striped Sweater      
Steve Madden Sandals      
Liz Claiborne Capri Pants     
The Limited T-Shirt      
Vintage Belt      
Sequin Dress      
Talbot's Cardigan      
East 5th Blouse      
GAP Knit Dress      
Leopard Skirt      
Merona T-Shirt      
Mint Green Skirt      
Talbot's Yellow Pants      
Nine West Nude Pumps      
J.Crew Skirt
Total $87.02   

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