December 16, 2011

Little Boy Swag: Fingerless Gloves

2 Pairs Black Gloves - Target $1
1 Pair Printed Gloves - Target $1

Every year Camden and I have this ongoing battle over winter accessories. He lost not one, but two sweatshirts in October (before it even really got cold in NC, just this week the weather was in the 60's). A few weeks ago we were shopping in Target and he reminded me that he needed gloves for an upcoming ice skating trip. Of course, he picked out the fingerless gloves that were $4.99, not expensive I know, but knowing the likelihood that I would be being like 3 sets I said no, we'll make some. So I grabbed a set of 2 pairs of black gloves and let him pick out a pair of printed gloves. I cut the tip off of the printed gloves and the kid was happy! His trip is today and guess what, he can't find the gloves!!

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