December 15, 2011

Fall Color Blocking: NY&CO Skinny Jeans

NY&CO Scarf , NY&CO Sweater - Goodwill $3.75

I don't think I have ever posted an outfit the same day, but something about this outfit this morning when I looked in the mirror said "Go Got 'Em!" I really should have worn heels today, but I compromised cute for comfort and put on my favorite Life Stride patent flats (don't judge). Most people would be excited about the opportunity to wear jeans to work, but for me it's harder to put together casual outfits. I feel like I struggled earlier in the week (I didn't even take outfit pics Monday and Tuesday) but finally pulled it together today. 

This outfit was truly inspired by this scarf that I purchased from NY&CO last year. I've worn it quite bit with black. I found the NY&CO sweater in Goodwill earlier this year, but I've worn it like once or twice with the scarf. All together with my NY&CO bright red skinny jeans, all the pieces fell into place, including my photo shoot this morning outside the Gatewood Studio Arts Building at UNC Greensboro. I've take a few blog pictures here, but this morning the sun was shining at the perfect angle. It's feeling like a GREAT DAY!

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