May 18, 2011

a.n.a Print Shirt

A.N.A (JC Penny)Print Shirt-Goodwill [$3.75]
The Limited Pants-Goodwill [$3.75]
Apostrophe (Sears) Belt [$1.49]
Life Stride Wedge Flats-Belk

I saw this shirt while shopping at the Goodwill Grand Opening last month and didn’t buy it at first because I wasn’t quite sure about the color scheme.  Two days later I couldn't stop thinking about the shirt and how much I needed some color in my spring/summer wardrobe. So, I went back to Goodwill looking for it. Totally disappointed and about to give up when I didn’t find it among all the shirts, I went to try the things that I did find. As I left the fitting room, there it was, hanging on the rack outside the fitting room just waiting for me! It was meant to be!

Potential Outfits
 A.N.A (JC Penny)Print Shirt-Goodwill [$3.75], NY&CO White Dress,
Gladiator Sandal-Ross [$9.99], Silver Skinny Belt-Burke’s Outlet [$2.99]

A.N.A. (JC Penny) Print Shirt-Goodwill [$3.75], NY&CO Black Skirt-Goodwill [$3.75]

NY&CO Wide Belt, Apostrophe (Sears) Platform Shoes [$9.99]


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