May 17, 2011

Old and New

If you have ever looked in your closet and said I have nothing to wear, then I'm telling you to look again! So many times we get caught up in outfits instead of separate pieces. I’ve had this leaf print dress and brown sandals for at least 2-3 years purchased on clearance from JC Penny. Here’s a few ideas I played around with to give the older items a new look with recent purchases (on my Impress for Less budget of course). 

Arden B Vest-Goodwill[$3.75]
Old Navy Bowtie Shirt-Plato’s Closet [$1.50]
NY&CO Straw Clutch $26.95 [$13.81]
I love, love this look! But I definitely can NOT wear it to work. When it’s 70-75 degrees or above outside, it’s about  50-55 degrees in my office.  Yesterday I wore layers, bundled up with a blanket and still felt like I needed some socks and a space heater. Whose idea was it to let some universal power control the air and heat in our building? I would most likely wear this outfit on a date, to a poetry event, or a night out with the girls (if we can ever find the time to have one).

Here's the dress by itself, simple cotton blend, v-neck, A-line. Nothing special to write home about.

a.n.a (JC Penny) Print Dress

The Potential Outfits

1. Keeping it Simple
New Directions (Belk) Cardigan
Leather Belt-Beauty Supply Store

This is how I’ve worn the dress in the past with a cardigan and a belt that I found at a beauty supply store. You would be surprised by what you can find at the “hair store”; sandals, belts, scarves, hats, and jewelry. Most items are under $20 (with the exception of some costume jewelry, specifically evening wear). In Greensboro, there seems to be a beauty supply store in every shopping center and I must add that some are better than others.

2. Simple Layers

New Directions (Belk) Cardigan
Old Navy Bowtie Shirt-Plato’s Closet [$1.50]
Leather Belt-Beauty Supply Store
I added a white sleeveless tank with a bowtie to give the outfit some structure and add dimension. I like this look for work, but it’s definitely a safe choice.

3. Add Some Color
Apostrophe (Sears) Belt [$2.39]
Old Navy Bowtie Shirt-Plato’s Closet [$1.50]
Jones New York Cardigan -Yard Sale [$1]
Instead of the expected brown cardigan I added a fabulous green cardigan borrowed from a twin set my mom purchased  brand new from a community flea market/yard sale for only $1! I don’t yard sale shop often, but  community yard sales and/or annual, semi-annual events have the most potential to yield great finds. 

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