May 16, 2011

Little Red Dress

This dress almost didn’t make the blog. It's been in my closet for over a year and I had only worn it once, so it was already in the “consignment” basket. When I purchased the leopard print scarf a few weeks ago I decided to give it a second chance and I’m sooo glad that I did. Here’s how this outfit came together:
1.      What to Underwear 
It’s getting warmer and the dresses are coming out, but ladies please, please make sure that you are wearing the right underwear/shapewear. Jersey knit shows every single lump and bump, so I usually wear a waist shaper thigh slimmer to keep the tummy and thighs smooth. I'm a little chunkier in the middle so I require an extra firm hold, but most ladies can go with a light to firm hold. Have no idea what I'm talking about . . . a shapewear post is coming soon. 
Flexees Waist Shaper Thigh Slimmer

2. NY&CO Knit Dress-Goodwill [$5] 

3. NY&CO Leopard Print Scarf
I draped the scarf in front of the dress and looped the belt in front of the scarf and tied it in the back for a different look.

 4. Complete Look
I added a cardigan, some accessories, and platform shoes for a sexy look that can be worn to dinner, church, or work (I would swap the heeled shoes for some flats at work).
      George (Walmart) Cardigan – Goodwill [$3.75]
Black and Gold Accessories – Charlotte Russe [2 for $8]
Apostrophe (Sears) Platform Shoes – [$ 9.99]
Now, let's talk about the obvious . . . My HAIR! So, I decided to return to my extra short hair this weekend and I absolutely love it! I feel sexy, sassy, young, and confident with my new look. Will I ever grow my hair again, probably so, but not anytime soon. I had my hair cut last week into a funky, modern, sides-shaved, Rihanna-like style, but woke up Saturday morning looking like the lead singer from Cameo, LOL. Back to the barber shop I went. For only $12 total for both haircuts I think I did pretty good. Now, I just have to get back used to the barber shop chatter. Men are way worse than women in the salon.

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  1. I love the dress, the scarf and your hair!!!