February 16, 2011

Apostrophe at Sears

The last time I shopped in Sears was in 2006 when I received a gift card for my undergrad graduation. Last weekend I found an ohsocute Apostrophe blouse in Goodwill, so after joining friends for drinks and dinner Friday night and intentions to drop by another department store I ended up in Sears at 8:35 pm. OHMYGOOODNESS, as soon as I walked in the door I was met by an entire section of clearance racks with an additional 50-60% off!! I didn't realize it was so close to 9 pm and in the dressing room when the store lights cut off (The PA system was broken). I returned early Saturday morning with only $40 for my shopping budget and headed straight to the yellow clearance signs. After looking through everything, I realized that all of the things I picked up to try on were Apostrophe. I returned to Sears yet again Sunday (to exchange a shirt I picked up in the wrong size) and low and behold on top of the already low prices, there was a coupon for an additional 20%, so I just had to grab a few more things. This morning as I was getting dressed I reached in the back of my closet to grab a lighter jacket and found the Apostrophe jacket that I purchased back in 2006. I guess I'm going to have to add Sears to my shopping rotation.

Total Spent [$39.76]
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