May 16, 2011

Sunday's Best: The Mother's Day Edition

Straw Hat - Ross [$5.99]
H&M T-Shirt- Goodwill [$3.75]
Wide Belt - Maxway [$3.60]
NY&CO Pencil Skirt $39.95 [$10.88]
Nine West Satchel Purse

I wore this outfit to church Sunday for Mother's Day. It's been a while since I've spent an entire weekend in my hometown, but this past weekend reminded me that I definitely need to do so more often. I went shopping with the girls from work last week and tried this hat on for fun, but my friend JD wouldn't let me leave the store without it. Thanks for the Mother's Day/Birthday gift! I like this outfit, but I don't really love it. I really wanted a blouse to wear with this skirt, but just haven't found one yet. Luckily, my mom had been thrift shopping the week before and this belt was one of her of her fabulous finds that gave it a little added flavor. I forgot to pack the shoes that I intended to wear and had to pull these pumps out of my yard sale/give away tote (that is still in the trunk of my car). Halfway through church I remembered why I had gotten rid of them, my feet were screaming "save me!" I had already went through my yard sale/give away tote Friday for an outfit to wear to my sister's graduation. I planned to just wear my Casual Friday outfit but changed my mind at the last minute when I saw my sister all dressed up. The dress ended up in the tote because it was a little tighter than I like. I borrowed the cardigan from a twin set my mom had just thrifted (I ended up keeping it along with a couple others) and added some shoes that were in my trunk that also happened to be a thrift gift from my mom and there you go! 

(Yes, I'm standing on my tiptoes trying to look tall beside my little sister, LOL)
London Times Dress - Goodwill [$5]
Liz Claiborne (Belk) Cardigan - Yard Sale [$1]
 Nine West Patent Peep Toe

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