February 4, 2013

Green With Envy

Junior's High-Low Blouse - Uptown Cheapskate 7.99
Vintage Liz Claiborne Earrings (not pictured) - 4.99
New York and Company Eva Collection Earrings (picture 3) 

Question  - Do you only shop at Goodwill?

 Absolutely Not! I love to thrift shop and while Goodwill is my favorite thrift store for variety, Greensboro has a lot of great locally owned thrift and consignment shops. I would describe Uptown Cheapskate as a step up from Plato's Closet. Most of their items are junior brands but they carry a larger variety of brands that I can actually wear to work like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and New York and Company. During my closet clean out last month, I took a basket of shoes and clothes to Uptown Cheapskate to consign. They offer 2 options: 1-Purchase your items for cash or 2-Purchase your items for store credit (25% more than the cash price). I purchased this emerald green blouse and didn't even realize it was high-low until I got home (it was one of those rare occasions that I didn't have time to try anything on). 

Question - Does it take you forever to get dressed in the morning?

 Most mornings, the answer is actually no. What does take me forever is deciding on accessories. I have a lot of shoes, tons of earrings, and let's not talk about scarfs. I try to have my outfit picked out at night, if not I'm planning in my head what wear while I'm in the shower. 

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  1. Um, love this on you! Green looks great on you and I love the shirt and heels.

  2. I love the top! The necklace looks great paired with it. I would do a sparkly stud with it as not to take away from the boldness of the necklace. I don't shop thrift currently but I am not opposed to it. Don't know if I have the patience to sift through everything!

  3. I am really excited to find your blog. My sister just told me about the Goodwill blog and fundraiser tonight at dinner. I can't wait to check everyone out and find other local secondhand clothes lovers and bloggers.