December 5, 2011

5 for $20: Talbot's Shirt

Talbot's Print Shirt - Goodwill $3.75
NY&CO Knit Pants

After Thanksgiving, I decided to commit to my annual weight loss/work out New Year's Resolution prior to the new year. One of my biggest excuses for not working out is not having the appropriate workout attire, especially during the fall/winter. I headed to Triad Goodwill to only look for a black hoodie. Well, I found  a hoodie for $3.75 and a few more shirts and sweaters. I also did something I don't usually do, wore everything I bought in the same week, more posts coming this week.

I'm trying to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe and this Talbot's print shirt does just the thing. The pics don't do the color justice. My nude pumps need to be taken to the shoe shop (already) to have the heel tap replaced so I had to pull these Gianni Binni Shoes out the closet. I probably on wear them twice a year because they aren't that comfy, but they are too cute to part with just yet.

Check back tomorrow for 5 for $20: Winter Shorts


  1. Oh my I love that print! Very nice!
    You know how we can always find an excuse for not working out...good for you for pressing on.


  2. I love it. I wish I could wear your shoes!

  3. That's too bad the shoes aren't more comfy because they are TOOOOOOO CUTE!!