June 3, 2013

30 Day Challenge

It's June already!?! I can't believe that we are already halfway through the year. Over the weekend, I took the time to reflect on my 2013 goals while attempting to transition my closet spring/summer and organize my growing shoe collection. What I discovered is that it's time to get serious about my spending habits if I plan to accomplish some of my financial goals by the end of the year AND I have too many clothes and shoes!! Like most thrift shoppers, because I'm spending so little money on clothes and shoes I end up purchasing way more than I need and actually wear. It's also the end of the school year for my son and with summer camp expenses and school shopping for the next school year, I need to readjust my shopping and personal expenses budget (it's not all about me).
1. During the entire month of June, there will be no sales, no shopping, and no thrifting for the following items (for myself only):

Make Up & Nail Polish

2. Every Monday in June, I will provide an update of how things are going and post pictures on INSTAGRAM and Facebook as of items from the IMPR4Less closet for sale. 

I'll revisit the challenge in July and maybe we can expand it to other areas of concern (like eating out).
Initially I wanted to do a 90 day challenge, but just like exercise you have to start somewhere.

Who's up for the challenge??


  1. Ok! I'm in! I think I can do 30 days! I think the whole summer was a stretch! But I am with you! Luckily I have been so busy and have not made it to the mall since June hit. I got your back girl!

  2. I'll have to shift to July. June is my birth month; so I can't deny myself :)