December 6, 2011

5 for $20: Winter Shorts

Kim Rogers (Belk) Mock Turtleneck - Goodwill $3.75
H&M Sweater - Goodwill $3.75
Ann Taylor Wool Shorts - Plato's Closet $5
George (Walmart) Tights $5.50
Merona (Target) $17.50

I absolutely love these shorts! I can't believe they were on the clearance rack and an additional 50% off at Plato's Closet. I gave this outfit a test run with just the sweater and a blazer (I usually do this on Sundays to church to gauge the reactions I get-church folk will let you know), but it was missing some balance and color so I added the Kim Rogers Mock Turtleneck from my 5 for $20 Triad Goodwill Shopping Trip. Check out my 5 for $20: Talbot's Print Shirt from yesterday, and come back tomorrow for 5 for $20: Ivory + Olive

I feel like I've been a little off with taking pictures lately, I just can't get the time of day when there is the right amount of light outside and I really don't like taking indoor pics. I have got to figure something out quick because it's getting cooler in the morning in NC.

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