October 17, 2011

GHOE 2011: Day Party to Black Hollywood

A-List Day Party
 NY&Co Shirt, Forever 21 Plus Red Skinny Jeans, Apostrophe Platform Sandals

My weekend was fun-filled and action packed as I celebrated the Greatest Homecoming on Earth. I attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for graduate school and have participated in homecoming activities for a few years now, but this weekend was the absolute best homecoming experience to date. My weekend started with a day party (my first ever). I had so much fun! I ran into a few people from East Carolina University (where I began my undergraduate journey) and even some folks that I grew up with. Anyone who's ever been to an HBCU event knows that it's like one big fashion show, so I had to step my game up. I waited a little late to jump on the red skinny bandwagon and had the hardest time finding some in my size. I finally found these a few weeks ago during a Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC shopping trip. I only had a few things on my wishlist: shoes for Camden, red skinny's, leopard. I tell ladies all the time, don't get caught up in sizes, fit is more important. But I was a little annoyed that these pants were labeled plus size when they are actually women's size.

 Parade & Aggie Fan Fest
Robert Louis Trench, Banana Republic T-Shirt, NY&CO Scarf and Skinny Jeans, Nine West Boots

Saturday kicked off with family time at the parade and Aggie Fan Fest. The parade begins at 8 am and I have yet to make it on time. It was still chilly that early in the morning so I grabbed my trench and Nine West boots. Aggie Fan Fest is packed with food, vendors, and activities for the kids. The big thing this year were "Basketball Wives" earrings. I almost got a pair for $10 but figured I could make them myself for a lot cheaper. I just have to find the time to make it the craft store. 

 Aggie Tailgate
NY&CO Tank, H&M Cardigan, Faded Glory Fedora, NY&CO Skinny Jeans

After spending all morning with the kids, I headed home for a quick wardrobe change for the Aggie Tailgate. This year you had to purchase a game ticket in order to tailgate. At first I was like, it's not that serious, I've never been to an Aggie tailgate, but I am so glad I was persuaded otherwise. There was so much food! I ate like three plates and prayed that I would fit into my dress later on. The fedora was a last minute, on my way to the stadium, made a quick stop at Walmart purchase. I had been waiting for this hat to go on sale (It was only $8 regular price, but who buys anything at regular price these days). 

A-List Black Hollywood
Apostrophe Dress, Forever 21 Platform Pumps

Homecoming came to an end Saturday night at the A-List Black Hollywood party. We were on VIP status this year!! I pulled this dress out of the closet from an early spring Sear's shopping trip. I didn't take not one picture of my shoes that I purchased at Plato's Closet for only $14, but I plan to dedicate an entire post to them soon. I had so much fun doing the Wobble, dancing to ole school hip hop, and just hanging out with the girls. I'm looking forward to GHOE 2012 already.

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