May 4, 2011

Teal or Turquoise?

Maxi Dress (Juniors Size)
White Stag (Walmart) Tank
NY&CO Cardigan $36.95 [$16.60]
Statement Necklace - Dots

Am I the only person that struggles with telling the difference between teal and turquoise? 

To My Best Friends

I finally had the chance to sit down and read through the May issue of ESSENCE Magazine, The Girlfriends Issue. I've always had a lot of friends, one of the rewards of being a high energy extrovert or in plain terms a social butterfly. But I only have a small group of best friends, sisters really, who have had my back through all of my many life changes. Shakira and I have been friends since we were 5 years old, I don't remember a time before I knew her. And while we are so different, we have remained close all these years, went to college together, and still keep in touch even though we are miles (a 12 hour drive) apart. We've only had one disagreement, in college over a boy, and didn't speak to one another for an entire year. When we finally reached out to each other it was like all the pieces fell right back into place. Shemia and I met during the rebellious years of high school working at Food Lion. She went to a rival high school, but they had a better football time so our friendship grew out of football games and after parties. I smoked my first cigarette with Mimi, went to my first concert (Super Jam!), and got my first body piercing (Senior Beach Week!). When I went away to college I remember us crying like babies. Over the years we have shared more tears but way more laughter.Standing by her side as she married her husband was one of those moments in life that I will never forget. In my mind, I was like "damn, i'm really doing the ugly cry!" but when you've been a best friend who've seen two people go through so much together and then come together in the name of love, well it's ok to do the ugly cry. And finally Jo'Vonia, my "bestie". We met in college, I don't exactly remember how or when but I have very few college memories without her. We kinda hung out and ran in the same circles for a while, but after she let me sleep on her couch one summer when I couldn't afford housing we became inseparable. Our relationship has grown as our life roles has changed from college students, to mothers (our son's are a couple of months apart), adult college students, and now for Jae, wife, but our friendship has remained solid. I am thankful and grateful for the many girls that I have my life, but to my best friends, Shakira, Shemia, and Jo'Vonia, I love you all like sisters. Thank you for always having my back!

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