April 28, 2011

Keeping it Simple

George (Walmart) Cardigan, NY&CO Ruffle Shirt, The Limited Pants, Life Stride Wedge Flats


I almost didn't post this outfit because I was having a total bad hair day. I know that everyone has them, but for most naturals, it's even more of a challenge because people are already looking at you sideways for breaking away from the norm. Recently, I’m finding myself at the “now what” phase of my natural hair journey. Do I continue to let it grow, cut it off again, or begin the loc journey? I've been revisiting why I went natural in the first place in an effort to guide my decision . . .

-When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
I big chopped in 2008. I tried to transition for a few months with weaves, but after battling the two very different textures of relaxed and natural hair I gave in, got a relaxer and a haircut. Two weeks later and already needing a touch up, my regular stylist refused to cut my off my relaxed hair. I went to Great Clips in my local Walmart and after an hour finally convinced the stylist to cut off ALL of my hair. Because I didn’t have any hair, my initial reaction was “Whoa, what have I done?” for the first few weeks. After getting my hair cut by an actual barber, I totally embraced the short cut. I went on an earring shopping spree for a few months to compliment my new look.
-How did family and friends react to the new you? What was your response to them?
My family and friends were totally shocked that I cut my hair. I had worn very short relaxed hair for a few years, but it still was shocking to most. My mom and my aunts amazingly loved it. My best friends hated it, but that was almost expected. I’ve always felt like hair is just hair, it will grow back. I’ve had every hairstyle from a jheri curl to a quick weave, so I just let the people who didn’t like my hair be entitled to their opinion and move on.
-Why did you choose to go natural?
I recently blogged about why I decided to go natural in my ALL Hair is Good post.
Initially, my reason for going natural was because I was looking for something that was both cost and time effective I would no longer have to spend time and money in the salon every other week. During the last few years of relaxed short hair, I was in the salon for at least 2 hours, every other week, and spending $50 per visit. After I big chopped, I would go to the barber shop in the morning for 30 minutes (this time varies depending on the time of day and day of the week) every other week, spending only $10 per visit!
-Why did you choose to grow your hair out?
I started out taking part in a grow out challenge in early 2009, but big chopped my hair again for my best friend’s wedding in April 2009. I almost wore a wig in her wedding, but instead embraced my bald head. I look back at the pictures and see self-confidence. After the wedding, I got one last haircut and have now been growing my hair out for two years. During the first year of growing out my hair, I only went to the salon twice for a deep conditioning treatment and to get my ends trimmed. Now that my hair is about 6-7 inches long, I still don’t frequent the salon regularly but I’ve tried different braided and two strand twist styles that have ranged from $20 to $50 per visit depending on where I go to get my hair done (someone’s kitchen, beauty school, or salon).
I'm not sure what the next phase of my natural hair journey will be but whatever I decide, IT'S JUST HAIR!

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  1. I think I've come to the point where I'm just ready to cut it off and take it from there. I've been transitioning for several months but alas, like Nike, it's time to just do it! My current dilemma is product. What will be the best product for my hair in terms of look and health? I think this is where many of us get stuck. Understanding (and loving) my hair (not comparing to anyone else's) has definitely been a learning process.