December 7, 2012

A Blogger Confession

Also available at Radio Shack and HSN with Flex Pay

A Blogger Confession: I haven't had personal WiFi service for nearly two years?? I know exactly what you're thinking. How in the world have I been able to maintain a blog without WiFi? I'm fortunate that I work at a University and have Internet access all day long and for a short period of time had a work issued hot spot wireless card. But my blog and Internet presence suffered severely on the weekends. This has been clear and evident when I attend events and I'm unable to post pictures right away.  Haven't you ever noticed that I'm rarely on Facebook and Twitter outside of M-F?? But, I made it work and still continued to manage a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. 

LESSON LEARNED - You can do anything with DETERMINATION. The first step is to have a made up mind. Just make a decision and go from there. 

First, let me go back a little further, up until two years ago I was a loyal Verizon customer (like Alltel to Verizon loyal). But after upgrading my single plan to a family plan to accommodate a few family members and friends I ended up stuck with a very expensive bill that only I was paying (NEVER again in life). I researched prepaid services and finally opted on Boost Mobile because I saw a great deal on HSN that included a Blackberry Curve with a free month of service and flex pay. Even with notice, I didn't terminate the service right away and ended up with a $700 Verizon bill that I eventually had to pay on my own. 

LESSON LEARNED - As much as we often try to look out for others, the time comes when we have to take a look back and only think about ourselves. 

My first Boost Mobile bill was $50 a month with unlimited talk, text, web, and email. YES!! After 6 months of on-time payments, my bill dropped to $45 and after a year it was down to $40. But I had to finally face the truth that my Blackberry was outdated and I needed a phone that was going to keep up with my growing blog brand. I researched prepaid services and even for a brief moment considered returning to a plan with my need for a better smart phone and WiFi service. Finally, during one of my many Google searches I found that Boost Mobile had 2 new Android phones that could also be used as a mobile hot spot for just an additional $10 a month!! Now there was the up front cost of the phone and for most tech geeks having a phone more than a year old is absolutely unheard of. But when I shared with my office's IT guy how much my service was and that it include talk, text, web, and a hot spot for just $50 a month, he was surprised and told me good job!

LESSON LEARNED - Live within your means!! Financial freedom isn't just a phrase that I toss around for fun, it's a reality that I plan to enjoy someday!!

Next year, I will pay 1/2 of what I was paying with service from Verizon and I'll finally be able to blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. after hours without camping out at Panera Bread or McDonald's for WiFi!!


  1. I feel you. I had Sprint then AT & T. I realized that I could get the same service from both if I opted for Boost or GoPhone. I said I was going to switch to Boost and save myself a few dollars for the same service I was paying $150. I miss my Evo!

  2. You're a good one for paying that $700 phone bill! That would not be me lol! Yay for making financial freedom a reality!