October 3, 2012

DIY Projects

Rhoyal Poodle

Royal Blue Vase - Goodwill 1.50
Yellow Rose Stems - Hobby Lobby 50% off
Poodle Frame - Bourke's Outlet 2.24

Paint and Supplies - Walmart 8.02

I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart!! I officially started a Right Brain Business Plan for IMPR(4L)ess in early August. Since then, I have really tapped into my creative side and started all sorts of crafting projects. I found this amazing wooden poodle frame for 90% off at Burke's Outlet in Asheboro, NC. Similar to Ross for Less or Goody's Clothing, Burke's carries everything from clothing, shoes, household, and novelty items. This total project took 3 days, including drying time and when I had time to paint.

Step 1 - White Primer
I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint her blue or gold so I went with a white spray paint primer.

Step 2 - Acrylic Paint
So I watched a few You Tube videos but never thought to look at what kind of acrylic paint I needed. I ended up getting a yellow glossy finish paint and blue matte finish paint. I loved the original color! After 2 coats of blue paint, allowing for an hour of drying time in between each coat. I painted the bow yellow. The yellow wasn't as bright as I would like, but it matched my yellow roses.

Step 3 - Acrylic Paint
 I decided to purchase a glossy paint to match the yellow glossy paint. But looking at the frame on my shelf , you really can't tell if it's glossy or matte (Do I really have the energy for a do over? But you know I'm already thinking about it).

IMPR(4L)ess Scrapbook Photo Collage


Wooden 3x5 Frames - Goodwill .69 each
Scrapbook Paper - 50% off Michael's
Clip Art - Free Printed on Photo Paper

I completed this project during my lunch break yesterday. I planned to use these frames during my Spring Shop and Swap, but never got around to it. I spent 10 minutes looking for ideas on Pinterest and decided to go with pictures that represent all of the areas of IMPR(4L)ess:

Life & Style Coaching Services, Closet Makeovers, Mary Kay Independent Consultant, Retail

One of my business goals is to create multiple  income sources that will eventually replace my current salary and allow me to focus solely on IMPR(4L)ess. Deep breath. Did I just write that for the world to see? 

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  1. I'm loving the DIY projects! I use clip art to place decorative frames around my house also. I like the way you added your personal touch to the poodle! =)

    I wish you the best with your business goals!