November 14, 2011

Fall Fashion in Foust Park

Rafaella Print Shirt - Goodwill [$5]
Banana Republic Pants - Nine West Shoes - Charlotte Russe Bangles

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to go thrifting with my girl Briana and our boys at Goodwill on N. Elm. I know they hate to see us walk in the door because we usually spend about an hour catching up in between yelling at the boys running throughout the store. I wasn't totally in love with this shirt until Briana said "Girl, that looks like something from the motherland! All you need is a black fist and pick!" (She cracks me up on a regular). The colors are even more impressive in person, but nothing compared to the explosion of fall colors a few weeks ago in NC. I started a photography class last month taught by Dan Smith and I am learning so much about how to take my pictures to photographs. I had been trying to get the perfect shot of this tree in Foust Park for weeks. After taking Dan's advice I was able to get these shots in like 10 minutes. I noticed today this tree is now bare, guess I will have to take some pictures playing in the leaves this week!


  1. I love that shirt! You look really great!

  2. That blouse is gorgeous! That tribal print is hot right now.

    The tree is beautiful. I can see why you wanted to photograph it.