November 15, 2011

Jack BB Dakota Cape

Jack BB Dakota Cape - Nordtrom's Rack $29.99
Banana Republic T-Shirt and Trouser Pants - Goodwill
Metro 7 (Walmart) Sweater

Last week while in Chicago for CAEL Conference 2011, I ventured down to State St. to do some shopping. A few hours and I don't remember how many stores later I found an ohsocute camel cape in Nordstrom's Rack. A cape was definitely on my fall wish list, but I just couldn't find the right fit or color in my size. After trying on several I knew I wanted one with sleeves. This was the one and only item I purchased! (I made a brief trip to the mall earlier in the week and found a few things at Target)

 I couldn't believe it myself, I went in H&M, American Apparel, NY&CO, and didn't buy a thing, tried on a few things and left empty handed. I guess I will have to admit, THRIFTING has forever changed my life. I've been a frugal retail shopper since my brief summer stint a Goody's Family Clothing. If you've ever worked in retail you understand my reasons, an item comes in the store at full retail price, two week later it's 20% off, 4 weeks later it's 50%, throw in a coupon and you can possibly walk out the store with an item for practically free. But thrifting has taken my frugal shopping to another level, and has me thinking about a few challenges for 2012:

1. $500-2012 Shopping Budget Challenge

Yes, $500 for the entire year! That's roughly $42 a month! I think I can do it, I could 5-10 items from Goodwill for $42. But as much as I love to thrift I will occasionally get the department bug and have to buy something brand new. The goal is to use the extra money on a real vacation!

2. 5 Days a Week Sweater Challenge

My sweater/cardigan collection will surely rival Bill Cosby's. I tried on a few sweaters in H&M but remembered that I don't have any room for another one. So I'm thinking, until I wear every sweater in my closet I can't buy another one. I don't know how long this is gonna take but I'm already thinking about the sweaters I'm gonna miss out on during after Christmas sales.


  1. Great post!! I am with you on that $500 challenge! I thought I was a frugalista as well, but thrifting liberates me!!! I can shop for me and my two little ones and everyone is always fly on the cheap!!!! The cape is fierce! I'm going to sneak to Nordstrom Rack on my lunch *crossing my fingers*

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  3. Ooh, that's a great challenge. I think I'll need to track my "thrift spending" and then set a goal. And I agree with you on wearing everything that I currently own before buying something else. For me, it's black pants. They're addictive!

  4. Love this outfit! The colors are beautiful. I like your cape too, though I don't think I could pull off the cape look. I've looked and tried on several but I seem to get lost in them.