June 10, 2011

Frank's Shoe Repair

So, remember way back when in early spring I did a Closet Purge and pulled out these shoes to be repaired? Well I'm glad you remembered because I almost forgot about my shoes being in the shop! I guess that's what happens when you have so many shoes. Well, Frank (I think that's his name) at Frank's Shoe Shop was only able to fix 3 pair, but I added another pair that were in my yard sale/give away basket (I had a change of heart). Getting your favorite shoes repaired is a lot cheaper than buying new shoes everytime the heel gets worn or the toe gets scuffed.

 Total to Repair [$38.60]

Frank's Summit Shoe Shop
(In the Foot Locker and Citi Trends Shopping Center)
918 E Bessemer Ave
Greensboro, NC

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