May 25, 2011

It's all about the SHOES

NY&CO Blouse and Cardigan
NY&CO Skinny Ankle Pants
Via Neroli Wedge-Belk [$29.99]
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@impr4less), you already know that I was shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC earlier this week. I was in the mall less than 30 minutes and had already purchased these shoes. I actually saw them online while looking for another pair of nude wedges that were no longer unavailable in Greensboro. These shoes are HOTTTT! They are so comfortable and were so worth $29.99 (original price $79).
I am always amazed when I look back at pictures from the beginning of IMPR(4L)ess and now. I was pretty confident with my sense of style, but blogging about personal style and fashion has really made me step my game up. Besides my hair, the most noticeable differences are my waistline and hips. You already know that I'm wearing a bodyshaper (The shapewear post is almost done) but I really like how these skinny pants make me look SKINNY! I can't believe that I've been totally against skinny jeans for so long.
NY&CO Madison Shirt
Faded Glory (Walmart) Capri Pants [$14]
Charlotte Russe Pumps-Plato’s Closet [$15]

I guess you could say that I went on a shoe shopping spree this month because just last weekend purchased these Charlotte Russe pumps. I finally got out of the house for more than shopping with a much needed girl’s night of dinner and dancing. I wasn’t excited about my outfit at all (I actually wore this outfit to Crabtree Valley Mall, I didn't even take pictures of the going out outfit). I stopped by Plato’s Closet on my way to dinner hoping to find some accessories to spice it up. Instead of finding jewelry, I found these brand new Charlotte Russe shoes! Now these are definitely 2 hours shoes and didn’t make it for dancing, but they are too cute for only $15. Girl's night definitely made me realize my lack of casual going out clothes. I have plenty dresses, but they were a little too dressy for the club we went to, like I need another reason to go shopping.

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