May 26, 2011

H&M $100 Shopping Spree

Jersey Dress [$12.95]
2 Jersey Tub Tops [$5.95 each]
2 Jersey Cardigans [$12.95 BOGO 50% off]

Polo Shirt [$7.95]
Dark Denim Jeans [$9.95]
Black Jeans [$9.95]
2 Jersey Shorts [$9.95 each]

TOTAL plus tax [$99.21]

There’s only one H&M in the entire state of NC, so I usually budget for the two to three times that I visit Raleigh to go shopping. The last time I shopped at H&M, the only thing that I purchased was a belt, so I was really looking forward to this shopping trip. The first section I headed to was little boys. I start school shopping now for the next school year, not in August. I’ve found that most Back to School sales, aren’t really sales at all, well not enough of a sale for me on my Impress for Less budget. Camden already has his own style so I was really taking a gamble shopping without him. I kept it simple with some basics that he’s gonna need, jeans and shorts. I also threw in a polo shirt, but he liked it, yeah!!
After finishing up in the little boys section, I headed over to women’s and accessories. I really liked a lot of the trendy items that you would find in the magazines but they were either out of my price range, not in my size, or the quality wasn’t great. I was totally disappointed in the accessories and shoes. I finally settled on a couple of basics, some tube tops, cardigans, and a summer dress. I tried on a pair of harem pants at the request of another UNCG fashionista Rhonda, but I just wasn’t feeling them. I was going to buy them but they weren’t on sale yet so I didn’t get them.  Rhonda kept saying that I was gonna regret not getting them and she was right, all I keep thinking about is those darn pants. I may have to make a road trip to back to Raleigh sooner than I planned.

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  1. Love the dress... a silver ball earring, large chunky necklace, and navy blue manicured nails would really set it off. Then a flat sandal in another color...maybe red for some pazazz!

    Love your blog,