March 18, 2011


This post is a special request from Rhonda, one of my colleagues and good friends at UNC Greensboro. She is quite the fashionista, but refuses to allow me to feature her, so ladies that know Rhonda, please let her know we need her style on IMPR(4L)ess!

So it's the weekend and I know you just want to toss on a t-shirt and some jeans, but do you really have to look like you're headed to tailgate and/or cheer your team on in the big game?

Disclaimer - Sorry fellow Pirates, I don't own an ECU shirt but GO PIRATES! Purple! Gold!

 Of course not! Here are some simple looks that can be worn on casual Friday and into the weekend:

 My son Camden and I were styling in matching argyle print today!
No, this was not done purpose, LOL!

My Outfit:

Michael Kors Sweater - Uptown Cheapskate [$4.20]
Apostrophe Strech Belt - Sear's [$2.39]
Old Navy (Diva Fit) Jeans -Plato's Closet [$9.99]
Aerosole Brown Flat - Ross
Camden’s Outfit:

Point Zero T-Shirt and Vest - Belk
Old Navy Skinny Jeans [$10]
Converse Chuck Taylor’s - TJMaxx [$19.99]

H&M T-Shirt - Goodwill [$3.75]
Ivory Vest - Rainbow
Apostrophe Strech Belt - Sear's [$2.39]
Faded Glory (Walmart) Jeggings [$12]
Simply Vera, Vera Wang (Kohl's) - Goodwill [$4]
Nine West Boot - Nine West Outlet [$19.99]


  1. it is time you come give me a lesson in ga

  2. Bestie, I got you covered the next time I visit.