March 16, 2011

Coundown to Spring, Pt. 2: Selling and Giving

So now that my closet purge is done, what's next? Selling and Giving!

1. Consignment Stores - Cash for Clothes
I take my items to two consignment stores, Plato's Closet and Uptown Cheapskate. There are far more than these two in Greensboro, but these are the two stores that I frequent the most for buying and selling.

2310 Battleground Ave, Suite 116 Greensboro NC

Pays cash money for your items. Caters more to juniors, but I've been able to find Old Navy, Banana Republic, and The Limited on several occasions. This is a great place to shop for accessories, denim, and t-shirts.

I sold 12 items for [$27.17]

2130-E New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC
(Right off of Battleground Ave in the same shopping center as Carvel Ice Cream and Sprint)

You are given the option of cash or an in-store credit for your items. Of course,  I usually take the in-store credit because it's more and I know that I am going to eventually get something. Quite frequently, Uptown Cheapskate will have new items. I love the boutique atmosphere, it doesn't even seem like consignment shopping.

I sold 3 pairs of shoes and 4 items for [$13.75 in store credit] 

I was a bit disappointed with what they offered since a pair of my shoes were purchased for $30, regular retail price was $60 and I had only worn them a few times. But they hurt my feet, so was I really gonna hold on to them because they were cute? Uh-NO.

  • Don't expect to get a full return on an item or even half of what you paid. The important thing is that it is out your closet and whatever you get can be used to purchase something new.
  • Have patience. There were a few items that I was  unable to sell last summer that I held on to and were the first things to go this year.
2. Yard Sale - What you didn't sell on consignment
My mom and I are notorious for our yard sales. Whether we rent a booth at our hometown flea market or setup at my aunt's house on Highway 211, we have a yard sale at least 4-5 times a year. There is also a community in Carthage, NC that has a 5 mile flea market twice a year that we've purchased a booth for a few times. We typically sell our items for $5 or less. Last month my mom rented a boot for $8 at the flea market and earned over $100, you can't beat that.

3. Giving - What's Left

Most people only think about giving to Goodwill during the holidays and at the end of the year when we are all trying to find those final tax deductions. While I love to shop at Goodwill (and very appreciative for those who donate), I typically don't give to Goodwill. Here's why, Goodwill resells the items. Yes, I can afford to shop there, but someone in serious need, $3.75 could be spent on a meal rather than a shirt or pair of pants.

Instead, I give to Greensboro Urban Ministry, a local outreach organization that provides food, shelter and clothing to those in need. Greensboro Urban Ministry has certain days when people can come to their clothing bank and shop for items for FREE. My class and my office has also volunteered in the past, helping to organize and stock items in the food and clothing bank.

Greensboro Urban Ministry
305 West Lee St, Greensboro, NC

 Only 4 more days until the official first day of spring!

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