April 2, 2014

Triad Thrifting featuring "Runner Girl" Amy

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I met "Runner Girl" Amy last year when we both joined the Black Girls Run "Couch to 5K" program. She's also an avid thrift shopper!! Here's what Amy had to say about thrift shopping in the Piedmont Triad, NC.
1. How long have you thrift shopped?
Five years
2. What are you favorite places to shop in the Piedmont Triad and why?
Goodwill it's right down my budget, love matching outfits and accessories and helping others when they ask my opinion. I recently went to Goodwill in Atlana, GA after the Black Girls Run Hot Chocolate Race.  You know I love Goodwill, lol!!
3. What advice would you give someone new to thrift shopping?
My advice to someone would be learn to have an eye for colors if you are trying to match colors focus on the colorized racks, that will help you. I recently showed Kimmie one of the ladies in my running group how to thrift shop, now she has amazing wardrobe and has learned an eye for picking out things that looks good on her. To sum it up I would owe a thrift/vintage shop love looking like a 200.00 model when I spent 20.00

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