April 16, 2013

SHOP IMPR4Less - Joel Rd 5 Mile Yard Sale

A special thank to everyone who shopped IMPR4Less at the Joel Road 5 Mile Yard Sale in Carthage, NC last weekend

My mom and sister joined in on the fun (why am I looking so cray-cray?!?)

This was my FAVORITE customer of the day!! Her and her sister spotted these shoes at the same time, but she go to them first!! (another cray-cray looking picture?!?)

Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop

The one thing that you can count on when my family and I host a yard sale together, we always shop from each other first!! I loved this vintage Harve Bernard blazer. I'm sure my mom was hiding it from me in her closet, because I don't ever remember her wearing it.


  1. It looks like it went great! YAY! Love those glasses on you. Very cute sis!

  2. Thanks Ashley, fun times with the family (and making some money)!! #Winning