December 31, 2012

Out with the old . . .

New Directions Faux Fur Vest - Triad Goodwill 3.75
Simply Vera Vera Wang Skirt - Koh'ls 6.00
New York and Company Necklace - 5.99
New Directions (Belk) Leopard Booties - 16.50

and remixing with some new additions to the IMPR4Less closet. I spent the last few days of 2012 cleaning out my closet and making end of year donations to Goodwill. I couldn't resist this New Directions Fur Vest from my favorite Triad Goodwill location on  N. Elm St!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that I was blessed to finally purchase a Canon Rebel T3 (checking off a last minute 2012 Vision Board goal). I ended up purchasing the BRAND NEW camera which included a 1 year warranty, a 16 gb memory card, 55 mm lense, and a Canon camera bag for only $400 from . . . Craigslist. I know you must think I'm crazy but I've purchased quite a few things from Craigslist over the years including furniture and video games for my son. Shopping online isn't for everyone, but anyone can do it if you follow these rules:

1. Be Specific - Know exactly what you are looking for and what are you willing to pay for an item. Do your research before you start shopping. I spent months researching a new camera both used and new before deciding on what I could afford.

2. Be Patient - Prepare yourself for an ongoing search. After deciding on the camera, my search continued for a few more months. I expanded my search from just my local area but to Craigslist listings in my hometown and other areas that I was willing to drive to.
3. Be Honest - The most stressful part of online shopping is contacting the seller and waiting for a response. Be prepared to meet and make a purchase and be up front if you are a serious shopper, just looking, and/or making multiple offers. If you plan to negotiate, do this in early conversations not when you show up to make a purchase.

4. Be Safe - Never meet a seller alone and if possible always meet in a public place. I don't care if you are purchasing a $10 video game or $1,000 living room set. Most sellers expect you to have cash, a cashier's check, or a money order!! After exchanging phone numbers via email, the seller and I agreed to meet in Starbucks atTarget. I had one of my big male guy friends (who happens to be a photographer too) to meet us there just in case.


  1. Glad you got the camera! Cute boots!

  2. You look great, girl! I love those boots. Congrats on your camera purchase :-)


  3. Thanks All!!! I love my new camera!!

  4. I am glad you got your new camera! Those booties are lovely!!! Happy New Year!


  5. Love this outfit! Congrats on the new camera!

  6. Cayuutttee booties!! And i'm a avid craigslist shopper/seller too. you can find some great deals and sell just about anything, Ive had only Great experiences. COngrats on your Canon purchase!!


  7. You look great, love your sweater & those booties are hot!

  8. This is a fabulous outfit and the booties are IT! Congrats on your new camera!