June 15, 2012

Triad Goodwill $50 Gift Card

I won, I won!! Can you imagine my excitement when I won a $50 gift card to Triad Goodwill last month!!

My first purchase was made at my favorite Triad Goodwill location on N Elm St. You've already seen the pink maxi skirt on the blog, but I also got some earrings, another scarf (like I really need another scarf), and a wire basket (the perfect magazine holder and it works nicely with my recent bedroom makeover)

You've already seen a few of these items in previous posts from my Oak Ridge Goodwill shopping trip. I really like this location, but it's so far from my house.

I absolutely had to add some blue and gold to the wardrobe! I don't know what I like more this yellow gold blazer or royal blue suit. Check out my Facebook Page for more RHOyal blue and gold, eee-yip!
This shirt is one of those items that got tossed in the laundry immediately and worn the next day. Ya'll know I don't do Junior's clothes often but something about this cropped tee makes me feel young, sexy, and sassy.
I was determined to get most of my decorations and food platters for last week's Shop and Swap from Triad Goodwill. I found these Tupperware platters for only .49 cents! My mom did her thing with the food and was totally surprised when I told her I got all of my platters from Goodwill. It's not all about clothes!!

I finished off the remainder of my gift card at my 2nd favorite Triad Goodwill location on S Eugene St. It was my lucky day, Target New Stock!! I hadn't been to Target in a while so I had no idea The Wesbster Miami for Target even existed but this dress and jacket say "much needed vacation"! The remainder of what was spent was tallied in to my May Retail Rehab spending.

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