June 13, 2012

May Retail Rehab

I had mixed emotions about suspending the original Retail Rehab challenge, but I actually did better during the month of May than I had in previous months. For one, my work life is crazy during the month of May with final exams for my students, grades, academic standing, appeals, and the infamous "annual report" for my program. I barely had time to go thrifting, much less blog about it. Two, I can always count on my allergies to act a slam fool. After two doctor's visits, four prescription, and a steroid shot, I'm almost back to normal. Thank goodness I won a $50 Gift Card to Triad Goodwill (Make sure you enter for your chance to win). It really helped offset my overall spending this month.

I was caught out of town and forget my much needed white shirt. I refused to spend more than $10 on a shirt (especially since I already have more than one white shirt in my closet). I found this shirt on the clearance rack.

My receipt says three shirts but for the life of me, I don't remember buying three shirts! I'm just gonna put my disclaimer in here and say that I was shopping after work and maybe, just maybe the cashier counted three shirts when there were only two.

I actually paid $5 for this shirt after using a gift card I had from a previous return. You already know how I feel about Juniors clothes and after seeing a teenager in my neighborhood wearing the same exact shirt it will probably end up gifted. I was on the fence about these Miss Tina capri pants and ended up returning them because they only have 1% spandex and were a little tight cross the booty.

My mom is a thrift shopping fool in Moore County but she hardly ever shops at Goodwill. It really is hit or miss. Luckily it was a hit for me, love this gold clutch.

I've been shopping for new frames since last year! I have my heart set on a pair of Prada frames, but even after a year the price was still too much even with my insurance. I saw these Coach frames on Lenscrafters.com, went to House of Eyes for lunch and the next day had new glasses. Camden said they look like 3D glasses, but I've also heard I look like a MILF or sexy librarian (thank you, I think)

And just when I thought I was done spending, I went to Value Village on the last Wednesday of the month when everything in the store is 50% off. I made it a family affair and got Camden involved. All I found for me was a belt, but he did good picking out some graphic tees and balling shorts.


I know it seems like a major improvement, but I still spent the entire $50 Goodwill Gift Card and charged my birthday presents to myself on my New York and Company card. Posts coming soon . . .

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