June 11, 2012

SHOP and SWAP 6/9/12

I have been talking about planning a fashion swap party every since I first knew they existed. After running it by several people, I decided to set a date and go for it! I am so thankful to my mom, my sister, and my great friends for making this a wonderful event. Since free weekends are few and far between these days, I started off the day with a yard sale in the morning and swap party in the afternoon. Was this a good idea? Probably not! I was exhausted Sunday! Did I make some money and have fun with my girls? ABSOLUTELY! I only had a little over a month to put this party together so here's how it turned out: 

1. I went on a "Social Media Frenzy" and announced the party on Facebook and Twitter. I also emailed flyers, passed out flyers to friends and colleagues at UNCG, and posted flyers in my neighborhood. (I was sick for a few weeks and unfortunately some people didn't get an invite until the week before)

2. I finally ordered blogger business cards from Moo.com and I LOVE Them!

3. My mom catered the event and she did her thing!! She made a veggie and cheese platter, a fruit platter, and fried some chicken wings! I love that women!

4. It's Party TIME - I transformed my dining and living room area into the official swap party event space! The check-in table included name tags and business cards for guest to take home. Swap bags inspired by   P is for Party, they were a huge hit!

5. My friend Terrica Williams (My Craft Loft coming soon) crafts everything and made these great paper purses for gifts for everyone. Aren't they cute?

6. What's INSIDE? Wet N Wild Nail Polish! I was in Walgreens one random weekday looking for hair products and they had an entire basket of nail polish on clearance. I had no idea at the time what I was going to use them for, but they were the perfect gifts.

7. Let the SWAP begin! After mingling and arranging everything while my guests enjoyed food and drinks, I announced another gift right before the SWAP, wine tag charms. It cost me $3 to make 20 wine tags! I got some earring hoops and a bag of clearance beads from A.C. Moores and made then during an episode of Housewives of OC. Since we had a small group we decided to do a free for all! We all rushed the SWAP room until we were done!

 I had so much fun swapping with these ladies! Would I do this all over again? YES!! 


  1. I wish I could have attended. You are definately inspiring me. I actually went into a goodwill store the other day.
    Oh BTW... I'm so in love with the paper purses. I need to make these.

    1. Maybe we can plan another one so that I have an excuse to visit! I wish I was into crafting, Terrica did a great job!