May 30, 2012

Getting Dressed: Denim + Red + Leopard Print

Junior's Denim Shirt - Thrift Gift
NY & CO Red Skinny Jeans and Leopard Scar

People comment all the time that "It must take you forever to get dressed in the morning". Actually, most mornings I already have an idea of what I'm wearing if I don't have an outfit picked out and hanging in the closet already. But when I'm trying out a new outfit, I tend to go through at least 3-4 looks before deciding on what I actually wear (which may change with one final mirror check).

Side Note - Taking pictures really forces you to look at everything around you and my front yard was looking a hot mess. I finally got it spruced up last week, pics coming soon! A few neighbors have already jumped on the bandwagon (townhome living!!). Next on the list, turning my back yard patio into a living space.

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