May 23, 2012

Black + White = 3 Looks

Apt. 9 Tunic - $5
Triad Goodwill
Oak Ridge Commons
2205-A Oak Ridge Road

THRIFT TIP - Purchase items that you can create multiple outfits with!!

1. LADIES NIGHT: Worn as a dress (I was actually charged as a dress even when I tried to tell the cashier that it was wayyy to short). This is definitely a night out when there is little to no movement or bending over involved. 

2. DATE NIGHT - I added some leggings, a wide belt, and my favorite red pumps!

3. READY FOR WORK - I tucked the shirt into a pencil skirt, added a wide red belt, and some simple pumps with a huge bow. This is a very office appropriate look.

After months of planning, I finally made my first and probably last shopping trip (due to the distance from my house) to the newest Triad Goodwill location in Oak Ridge, NC. I usually try to make it a point to go to new store openings because they are sure to have Target new stock, but my schedule just wouldn't allow it. I really don't need another thing in my closet! I'm hosting a SHOP and SWAP this weekend to begin a much needed seasonal closet sweep. But there was no way that I was leaving this tunic behind. Overall, I really did like this Goodwill location. I found a couple of name brand items from Ann Taylor, Mossimo, Jessica Simpson, and even Polo Ralph Lauren! Oh only if it was closer . . . 


  1. These were all very good looks, nice job. I need to make my way out to Oak Ridge, but it's so out of the way. Maybe this weekend.

  2. I love how you styled all three looks. Nothing like a versatile garment!