July 27, 2011

Sunday's Best: Tea Party Bridal Shower

NY&CO Ruffle Blouse
White Floppy Hat - Dots [$8]
Silver Earrings - Walmart [$3.88]
Cato Print Full Skirt - Goodwill [$3.75]
Easy Spirit Sandals - Goodwill [$4]
Navy Straw Hat - Maxway [$6]
White Veiled Hat - [Borrowed]

Sherita's getting married!! And I was super excited when I received an invite to her "Tea Party" themed bridal shower! The skirt and white sandals were a Goodwill find a month ago and were perfect! Now the hat, let's talk about it. I bought the blue hat from Maxway for only $6 and loved the look, but it just didn't give the outfit the pop I was looking for. I borrowed the white veiled hat the day before the bridal shower from my friends mother, and also loved the look (I am loving all things vintage lately), but again it just didn't give the outfit that pop I was looking for. The day of the bridal shower, with two hours to spare, I decided to venture out and find the perfect hat in my IMPR(4L)ess budget! I ended up at Dots, the first hat I tried on was ok, then I tried on this one. One of the cashier's stopped stocking earrings and exclaimed, "That's cute, buy it, like right now!" Another customer asked, "Are you gonna wear it with what you have on?" Another customer walked up, sooo you get where I'm going . . . I purchased the hat, declined a bag, ripped off the tags, put it on my head, and went to the bridal shower. I had so much fun! Now I have to figure out what to wear to the wedding in a few weeks, maybe Black and White?

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