March 2, 2011

Winter(2)Spring: Tights

Kyra, a graduate student in the Counseling and Educational Development program at UNC Greensboro and graduate assistant in my former office has been my tights inspiration this winter. Here are a few tights she's worn in the past couple of weeks, but she has tights in various colors, textures, and prints. What I love about tights is that they add character and personal style to any outfit and as the temperature begins to warm up, tights can be taken from winter to spring when paired with a dress, skirt, or even shorts (I have yet to try this because I only own knee length shorts).

Here's a few pairs of tights that I've added to my wardrobe recently (purchased on clearance of course):

Picture 1: Old Navy  [$5]
Picture 2: Old Navy [$5]
Picture 3: Hanes - Belk [$2.39]

 Note: Goodwill on Battleground Ave often has new merchandise from Target. Last night they had two huge bins of purple and black tights for only $1 if you just want to try out this look without committing to more expensive tights.

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  1. I'm inspired. Tights can definitely be a great way to jazz up an outfit.