March 4, 2011

Goodwill: Find of the Week

Grace Elements (Belk) Sweater - Goodwill [$3.75]

People are always surprised when they compliment me on an outfit and I share with them that I got it from Goodwill. The first question they always ask is, "Which one do you go to?" Well, any one of them. It just depends on the day, how much time I have, and how far I'm willing to drive. I even try to find a Goodwill when I'm out of town. The Goodwill closest to my house just closed for the opening of the newest Goodwill in Greensboro on N. Elm St. I did a drive by yesterday and the building looks almost complete for it's spring grand opening (of course I will let you know as soon as I find out). The next question is almost always, "How often do you go?" I try to go at least (actually at most) once a week.

Here are some tips (that I really don't use, but just to get you started):

·       Have an idea of what you are looking for, whether it's a blouse, a dress, or pants.
·       Color is also important since most Goodwills are organized by item and color.
·       Take your time, I know it may be overwhelming but plan to spend at least one hour just browsing.
·       Try things on, don't just assume that something is your size since sizing tends to change every year.
·       Check and check again for stains, tears, funny smells, or anything that might make you toss the item once you get it home.

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