December 23, 2013

The Power Suit

Juniors Mixed Print Jacket - Rugged Wearhouse 14.99
Merona (Target) Blouse - 5.49
NY&CO Knit Pants - Goodwill 3.75

First of all, I HATE wearing suits! Like really loathe having to wear a suit, I feel so boxed in. I received a three piece suit (jacket, skirt, and pants) when I graduated from NC A&T State University 5 years ago (OMG, it has really been that long). It's still in great condition but I've been longing for something more comfortable and classic and that didn't have me feeling stuffy and corporate. I paired these suit separates to tie me over before I make an investment in another power suit. 

THRIFT TIP - Invest in quality suit separates and ALWAYS check the suit section in thrift stores. I've seen some really great Kasper and Ann Taylor suits (of course never in my size).

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