December 23, 2013

Sundays Best #KidSwag

Shirt and Tie Set 5.99
Old Navy Super Skinny Jeans 9.99
Blazer - Goodwill 2.50

How does a fashionista mom keep her preteen son looking fresh and fly? I shop clearance racks and kids sales all year round. I shop for him so much that this shirt has been in his closet since the summer and I can't remember for the life of me where I got it from, SMH. We picked up this jeans from Old Navy during their 50% Black Friday Sale. I really hate that its almost impossible to thrift shop for my son at this age (little boys are tough on clothes, thank goodness we are past the holes in jeans phase), but everyone once and a while I will come across some great pieces like this blazer. 

THRIFT TIP - Set a price point for items and purchases key items like jeans and jackets during the off season. My only splurge for my son is shoes and my limit is still $100 (which for me is still an almost heart attack)

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