August 7, 2012

Work 2 Weekend

 Junior's Denim Shirt - Thrift Gift FREE
New York and Company Skirt
Nine West Shoes

New York and Company Shirt - 19.95 [8.14 with sale and coupon]
Apostrophe (Sears) Pumps - Goodwill 4.00
New Hair 9.50
 Thrifting is more than a shopping preference or a trend for me, it's a lifestyle!! I just happen to stop in the local beauty supply store this weekend for some new earrings and left with some new hair!! Not only was this wig on sale, the store was also having an additional sale for tax free weekend. I got this new hair for less than $10!! I love my TWA but it's ok to switch it up every now and again.

I  really have come a long way since the early days of blogging. I've had this skirt for a few years and I've always played it safe with various brown shirts until now. Here's a look back:

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