August 27, 2012

Retail Rehab

INC International Concepts 5.00
NEW - With Tags

I have not completely fallen off the Retail Rehab bandwagon! I have just been so busy with work and life that I've simply neglected to update the blog with shopping trips for June-July. And believe it or not last week was my first trip to Goodwill this month! I made a quick trip to the Goodwill, 3519 N. Elm after Camden's open house with just an hour to shop before closing and hunter green on my shopping list. I didn't find any green, but I found a lot of great things. My friends and family always tell me that they never find anything in Goodwill! Well, everything I found was fabulous and not in my size!! Except for this wool blend INC International Concepts Jacket! Brand NEW still with the tags!

If you don't shop at Goodwill, check out all of the great things you are missing: