March 6, 2012

GAP Dress, 3 Outfits

GAP T-Shirt Dress - Goodwill 3.75

I don't wear dresses or skirts to work as often as I used to because it's always so cold in my office. Of course last week the temperature in NC was up and down and the one day I decided to wear a dress, it was 50 degrees, windy, and rainy. When I saw this dress in Goodwill, the first thing that caught my eye were pockets!! The next thing were the possibilities. I ended up wearing the first outfit to work, but the next few outfits will definitely be making a debut in the spring. I might even throw on a green or red cardigan to add even more color.


  1. This dress is a great steal because you can pair it with so much, as you already have. What a great price, too! Love your boots. Also, love the yellow & blue combination.