December 11, 2011

Cleaning Out the Archives: NY&CO

Apostrophe (Sears) Blouse - Goodwill $3.75,  NY&CO 7th Avenue Pants $23.40
NY&CO Cardigan - Goodwill $3.75, Earrings - Charming Charlie's $5.97, Old Navy Flats
DATE: July, 2011

I love New York and Company for a few reasons:

1. Their clothes are simple and timeless. Even if I thrift something that's a few years old it usually fits right into my current wardrobe.

2. Fit. I can't say enough about the fit of NY&CO, especially their pants.

3. Cost. With the right coupon and the right sale, I can usually go in NY&CO and really rack up on some wardrobe staples.

4. Professional Trends. Somehow NY&CO takes fashion trends and make them appropriate for young professionals.

FYI - Not every outfit has made it to the blog this year for whatever reason. Every week, I plan to take a look back at some outfits that didn't make the cut before and post it. If I wore it, I have to be comfortable enough to share it.

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