November 30, 2011

Breaking the Rules Again with White Jeans

a.n.a (JCPenny) Sweater - NY&CO Ankle Jeans - Old Navy Flats
Old Navy Camp Shirt $9
Old Navy Purse $4

A few weeks ago I took a chance and went shopping at Old Navy during the 75% off adult outerwear event with my 8 yr old son, Camden. We started out at the smaller Old Navy on Friendly Avenue around 11 am. The crowds weren't too bad but they didn't have the coat I was looking for in my size so we headed over to the Old Navy on Wendover Ave. What the heck was I thinking?? The store was packed! People had obviously been camped out there all morning. One lady  had at least 10 coats in her cart.  We picked out a coat for me and couple of coats for Christmas gifts and then headed to the clearance section since it was an additional 20%. By the time we made it out of the fitting room and in line, the line was wrapped around the store. Thank goodness Camden was comic relief and not complaining. I didn't take pictures until later on that evening and he was still in playful mode and kept jumping in pictures. I love that kid! 

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