June 6, 2011

My Secret Obsession . . .Earrings

Back when I first starting wearing my hair short, I probably owned 5-10 pairs of earrings, just enough to fit into a small wooden jewelry box. After my first big chop, I became slightly obsessed with earrings, big and small. I purchased this earring holder last year from TJMaxx so that all of my earrings would be easily visible and accessible. It holds 56 pairs of earrings and I just discovered with my most recent purchase of earrings that it is already full! So it's either get rid of some earrings or buy another holder, I guess I will be stopping by TJMaxx one day this week.

Black and Silver $3.80
Red and Gold $2.80
White and Gold $2.80

Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have become two of my favorite stores to shop for trendy earrings because their earrings are lightweight (I have an attached earlobe, so heavy earrings are not an option) and inexpensive. Earrings at Forever 21 range from $2.80-$7.80 and Charlotte Russe 2 for $8.

$13 Total for All

I found some fabulous vintage jewelry for less than $5 while shopping at the Indie Market for Downtown Greensboro First Friday. I am loving all of these pieces, but really I am in love with the black and gold earrings, so much so that I wore them all weekend. I really wish I would have purchased more items because I have to wait until the next First Friday to shop Carver Jewelry. They seem to have more of their expensive pieces and not even 1/4 of the items they had at the Indie Market on Etsy. The flower piece at the top is actually a scarf clip and ya'll know I love my scarves.

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