April 13, 2011

Spring's Trendy Color: Orange

Spring’s Trendy Color: Orange
By Yolanda Wikiel

Try the zesty shade in small doses or big splashes to boost a winter-dull wardrobe.  

The spring runways were practically a citrus festival—Lacoste’s sporty clementine separates, Versace’s mandarin power suits, Marc Jacobs’s mimosa-colored silks. Orange is vibrant, it’s energizing…and you may be wondering how to pull it off without looking like a can of Fanta. Simple: Bring it down a notch with a dark neutral, or let it meet its (mis)match with a vivid complementary shade. Those with dark, olive, or tanned skin can pick from the whole Tropicana spectrum. The paler among us fare better in shades with a pink undertone, like coral or poppy.

This outfit is all New York & Company. I recently purchased a couple of orange items to add some color to my spring and summer wardrobe. I will say that the pictures just don't do the shade of orange justice, you have to see it in person to get the full effect.

NY&CO Cardigan (Red Light) $36.95 [$18.50]
NY&CO 7th Avenue Pants (Sandstorm) $42.95 [$23.40]
Navy Ruffle Front Blouse, Ruffle Neck Dress, Navy Knit Pants

(I have yet to come up with my favorite orange and navy outfit, but I've included some possibilities.)

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