March 24, 2011

Threads Fashion Show: C2A Designs

UNC Greensboro's Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies (CARS) Student Organization presented their spring fashion show "Under the Influence: Art, Music, and Cinema in Fashion" March 18th. UNCG student designers had to opportunity to showcase their best work with inspiration from art, music, and cinema. The show was AMAZING!  I was so impressed with some of the fashion that I wanted to purchase some items right off the runway.
I had to make sure I was extra cute because you can't be a fashion blogger and not be fashion forward at a fashion show: 
NY&Co Ruffle Neck Blouse
Urban Vibe Vest – Plato’s Closet [$2]
Bitten Jeans – Steve and Barry’s (Closed)
Apostrophe Shoes – Sear’s [$9.99]
Bangles – Plato’s Closet [$2]

3 recent UNCG graduates from the CARS department, Angela Fate, Christina Degreaffenreidt, and Heather Carmel Pynes (pictured below) showcased pieces from their up and coming new line C2A Designs, trendy attire for full-figured women. The pieces, inspired by rapper Nicki Minaj, were featured in the music segment of the fashion show. I love what these young ladies are doing and can't wait to see them do big things.  
C2A Designs 
Angela Fate, Christina Degreaffenreidt, and Heather Carmel Pynes  
Backstage Pass: Getting Ready for the Show to Begin 
Rip the Runway! 
C2A Designs is doing research on the women's apparel industry and would really love to know your opinion. Fill out this survey for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card!! Just click the link below!!
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