March 25, 2011

Campus Style at UNCG

Today's post is the beginning of a new featured post that I am so excited about! Inspired by Essence Magazine's "Street Style", I had an idea to feature students, faculty, and staff at UNC Greensboro who are dressed to impress on an IMPR(4L)ess budget. It was simply fate that the first student featured is a young man. I've had a few guys here at UNCG comment on the blog but also say that there really isn't anything for them, so they would pass it on to their girl friends. Well guys here you go:

Express Shirt, Tie, and Pants
Aldo Shoes

Albrey is a student at UNCG majoring in Public Health. He will be doing an internship this summer at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC with the APEC program, so he's working on putting together a professional wardrobe. Albrey and I had the chance to chat briefly and one of the most valuable things he shared that I wish more people would understand was that he considered his professional wardrobe an "investment", so while he still shopped on a budget, he shopped for brands that will last and transition easily year after year, season after season. Now, that's what IMPR(4L)ess is really all about.

What was your shopping budget when you purchased this outfit?

$150. I ended up spending $155 total at Express

Were you shopping with specific items in mind?

I knew I needed some shirts and a tie that was interchangeable to give me several looks. You can easily switch up your look by buying a neutral color pant and several shirts in different colors and styles. I like shopping at Express because every tie has as least two to three shirts that match and vice versa. I especially like the fit of their clothes. These pants are straight leg, but there are other fits depending on your preference. I made sure to go shopping during one of Express' BOGO events. This shirt was regular price $59.90 B1G1 $19.90, so I got two for $80 or $40 for each. The same thing for the pants, regular price was $59.90 B1G1 for $39.90, so I got two pair for $100 or $50 each. I also had a coupon $30 of a purchase of $75 so I added the tie. The tie was $39.90 regular price B1G1 50% off.

Where did you purchase your shoes, belt, and watch?

I got this belt at Walmart and it's my everyday belt. The shoes I got from Aldo. Their prices are somewhat reasonable but you can't beat comfort. And they are something that I'm gonna have and wear for while. I got this watch from JC Penny a while ago for only $20, I love this watch.

Any advice that you would give someone trying to achieve your look?

Save some money and make that investment. Buy things that you can wear even after you graduate. Start with neutral colored pants and you can add two or three shirts and ties throughout the year. Always wear the same color belt and shoes, never wear a brown belt and black shoes or vice versa. Keep accessories simple, don't over do it by mixing silver and gold or too much gold or silver. And learn how to tie a tie.

So, what's your everyday style for spring and summer?

For the summer I usually go with a white t-shirt and balling shirts. But the outfit I'm wearing today is something that I'm going to have to get used to wearing for my internship and after I graduate.

*Special thanks for Albrey for being the first featured on Campus Style at UNCG. He just stopped by the office to say hello to one of my colleagues and we put him on the spot, but he was such a good sport.

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  1. This post was very interesting because I also shop at Express and it is one of my favorite stores. I am very familiar with their style of clothing and promotions. A great deal of my wardrobe consists of items from Express.