June 19, 2013

Carol's Daughter Brown Sugar Scrub: Product Review

This body polish will make you feel soft, smooth and delectable all over.

The natural Brown Sugar buffs away dry skin cells and helps to hold moisture in your skin. With its moisturizing ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, this scrub ensures that your skin is left completely hydrated and revitalized.

- Brown Sugar exfoliates
- Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes
- Vitamin E nourishes

Years ago, my <3 treated me to spa day at Chakras Spa in Downtown Greensboro that included an organic sugar scrub that was "heavenly". I've searched for a similar at home scrub since then to exfoliate my dry, flaky skin. I was about to give up and make my own scrub after a Pinterest search when I stumbled across this Carol's Daughter 50% off sale at Belk. This product is well worth the 34.00 retail price!! First of all, it smells like german chocolate cake (minus the coconut). Second, a little bit goes a long wayyyy. I didn't have to keep scooping out a ton of product. Finally, it WORKS!! My skin was left feeling silky smooth and HYDRATED!! I didn't even have to use lotion afterwards. Even a few days later, I'm not using one squirt of Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion for my entire leg (normally it's two). Now the only thing I need to invest in is a massage therapist and a spa shower for the full spa experience. 

Carol's Daughter is a sponsor for Curls Gone Wild. I am so excited about this show coming to Greensboro next month . . .

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